Happy Finals!

Hello Farmingdale and Beyond!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 4.01.55 PMIt is finals time here at Farmingdale and boy can you smell all the aroma of coffee throughout campus.  I know  this time can be stressful, but do not worry my friends I have a great idea for my blog this week!  I am going to give you a helpful hint about how to avoid the stress of  finals and then I would love for all of you my loyal readers to share what you do to reduce your stress during finals.

One thing that I do to reduce stress is I bake all of these fancy desserts with my sister.  My sister loves YouTube and she is always finding new recipes for us to try.  The latest thing that we made were Cadbury Cream Egg Cupcakes!  They are chocolate cupcakes with a Cadbury Cream Egg center along with  a marshmallow frosting! It was so good (I rarely eat what I bake so you know that this was good if I ate it)!

Well readers, that is what I do to de-stress, now it is your turn!  What do you do to de-stress?  Tweet me @Liv_FSC or reply to this post! I cannot wait to see all of the wonderful submissions!


Happy Finals and Good Luck!

Fare and be well; let the words be yours for I am done with mine.

Rammy Liv ♡

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