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Another week in London

I had my first group presentation this week for my Destination Marketing class. It’s a really interesting class where we learn to market, sell and brand destinations. We were assigned a small town called Epping Forest, right outside of London. With my group we spent many hours researching to make our poster, and here, you Read More


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Czech Republic

In Prague, Czech Republic! It’s so much colder here than back in London! When we arrived in Prague, we went straight to our hostel, by bus, to drop our bags off, then it was a short walk into Old Town. Old Town was really cool, with a lot of history and food stalls all around Read More


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Arrived in the gorgeous Linz, Austria! On our train ride from Prague to Linz, we saw some incredible Austrian countryside. The majority of the time on the train we discussed about the Von Trapp family from the sound of music, and how they shot some of the scenes right where we were. It is incredible Read More


Chapter 2: Life after receiving a bid In my last blog post i explained the rushing and bid process, in this blog i will be covering some key terms that occur once you accept a bid. Now that you have gone through the process of rushing and were rewarded with a bid the decision to Read More


Week 7 in London

Crazy weather this week in London! This past week, it was typical sporadic rain showers during the day with minor winds. Then the past couple of days, were absolutely stunning, and close to 70 almost! To me, 70 means a t-shirt and jeans, to Europeans, it means jeans, sweaters and scarfs! Seeing what they wear, makes me Read More


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Getting To Know You!

Hello my lovely readers! How are we all on this beautiful day? As I sit here starring at the computer screen and as Netflix, I realized that I never fully introduced myself! So for my blog this week, I decided to post three things about myself! Ready? Here we go! 3. My dogs are my Read More


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Falling in love with Fall!

Hello my lovely readers! How are we on this cold Monday? I hope you are all staying warm! This has to be my favorite time of year because of all the beautiful aspects of this season. For my blog this week, I decided to make a list of my top two things about Fall. I Read More


A small glimpse in the crazy and hectic life of Paula…. Life is sometimes very unpredictable and can take us by surprise. The ideal plan in life, for the most part, in our early adult years is: going to school, obtaining a decent job, and finally starting a family. Yet some people sometimes hit roadblocks Read More

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Hello my lovely readers! Halloween is in the air and do I have a great blog for you this week! I am going to tell you all about my top three things that I enjoy most about this holiday!  Here we go! Baking the Sweetest Treats! -Every year on Halloween my sister and I bake a Read More


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This weekend my roommate and I went to Cardiff, Wales for the day. Racing against the clock we rushed to the Victoria Coach Station only to find out our bus was delayed by a half hour. Once we arrived, we were greeted by the Cardiff castle! I was amazed how it just beautifully sat right Read More