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Week 5!

Week 5 here in London! Normally during this time of year in America there are loads of Halloween decorations wherever you go. In London, there is barely anything! After speaking to many friends and some locals, they shared with me that Halloween is not a popular thing here at all. So what I am telling Read More


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It’s Time: Registration!

Well, that time of the semester has come. Personally, I love registering for classes! And also, I feel that I must make sure my schedule is perfect regarding classes, times, and professors. I’m happy to give you guys some tips on making perfect schedule. First, I’d recommend calling your department of study to schedule an Read More


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Learning How to Live Alone

Loneliness is an opportunity to meet and learn to live with yourself. It allows you to meditate, focus, relax and engage with focus and intensity to study, work, or what we love. Living alone does not necessarily mean being lonely. What really weighs on our minds and our health is our loneliness feel like a Read More


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England in a day

My roommate and I did a day tour to the English countryside! First, we had to get to the bus station super early, because of first destination was Stonehenge! What amazes me most, is seeing and knowing these places in my mind, but to be there in person, is indescribable. Stonehenge is ever more spectacular Read More


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How to Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is an emotion that we have all experienced from time to time. It is natural to feel stressed before a job or during a particularly intense point in time, such as the holiday period.  However, if you feel an abundance of anxiety that you think you cannot remove, you should examine your habits in more Read More

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Week 4 – Settled down

Week 4 – Over ¼ of my time here in London has gone by, and it’s going quick! This week was a bit of a transition week, especially with classes starting and getting assignments. After months of being out of school, it is taking a lot to get used to this thing called homework.  It’s Read More

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Wow, what an amazing weekend! It was quite a long bus ride about 9 ½ hours from London to Glasgow, Scotland. It was overnight, as we arrived to the bus terminal in Glasgow about 7am. We were expecting cafes and shops to be open where we could get a coffee before we headed to our Read More


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FSC Fashion Photo-shoot

Good evening my dear readers! Today I thought that I should do something a little bit different. Today was my first fashion photo-shoot for my photography I class and boy, was it awesome. Not only is this my first time doing a shoot without my professor walking my class through the different shots and backgrounds Read More


A cat named Baby

My First October Weekend

Hey there, welcome back! So how’s my favorite reader today? Hope your weekend was enjoyable (minus the rainy Saturday). My weekend was just as busy as ever, Saturday was my dad’s birthday so that in itself was busy but tons of fun. My dad is a huge Yankees and Giants fan so my mom, my Read More


Hey Farmingdale! A reason that I love FSC is that it is so close to New York City. Since I’m a music-lover, I take full advantage of being so close to the city- there are concerts happening constantly. Since this summer, I’ve been looking forward to seeing an incredible show at Madison Square Garden- Bassnectar, Read More

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