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Week 2 of London Life!

This past week was our orientation week for classes because things run very different here than they do in the US. In the UK, students only apply to 4 colleges based on their major. Once they are accepted to either a university, they choose a university and major right away. In America, we do a year Read More


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Week 1 in London!

Arrived in London, England! Many mixed emotions, but mostly excited to be studying abroad! I arrived at Heathrow Airport, and had to lug my three, yes three, suitcases through the airport down to the tube (subways), and took the tube for an hour to Kings Cross Station, which is a 5 minute walk from where Read More


We all know that people say that staying in the dorms during college is the best thing, I happen to disagree with this statement. For me, the best thing that I ever did was live at home while I was in college.   In the summer of 2012, I stayed on campus in the dorms for Read More


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Rambassadors Retreat

Amazing Adventures!

Hello! Long time no blogging right? Well do not fret for it is a new semester and I am here to write, write, write! I cannot wait to tell you all about the awesome retreat that the Rambassadors just took! I think after hearing what we did you guys will all be lining up to Read More


Happy Summer my lovely readers! How are we all doing on this lovely July day? I am having the best start to my summer and I am so happy that I am able to share it all with you! My sister is four years younger than I am and just ended her sophomore year of Read More


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Casa Rosada, Bs. As.

Living Argentina

  While stepping foot on American Airlines flight 535 from New York to Buenos Aires, I had little expectations of what my life in Argentina would be like. Having lots of Argentine friends back in the states, I knew there was something special about this country but was never able to decipher what that was. Read More


When I began my search for college I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I did some research online and found a few colleges that looked interesting and seemed to offer the programs the I was interested in. But, you can only learn so much from reading information and looking at pictures. It Read More


You’re seated next to a friend, eager to see your diploma in hand when another friend interrupts the excitement with the question, “now what?”. While some are excited to end their academic careers, many millennials are wondering, “now what?” Since graduating, I’ve been fortunate to encounter the other side of “now what?” I’ve considered graduate Read More

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We did it! Another Year

Guess what guys?  WE DID IT!!   This is just a post to say congratulations to all of the graduates, congratulations to those who have finished their first year of college, and just me stating that we came out alive in the end to those of us who are just done for the semester.  I cannot Read More

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Happy Finals!

Hello Farmingdale and Beyond! It is finals time here at Farmingdale and boy can you smell all the aroma of coffee throughout campus.  I know  this time can be stressful, but do not worry my friends I have a great idea for my blog this week!  I am going to give you a helpful hint Read More

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