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What Is Your Five Year Plan?

In my previous blog post, I go into the idea of how being a college student is like running your own business. I examined the parallels of being a business owner with being a college student, and found many similarities. Now I’d like to go into another topic that I only brushed on in my Read More


It was a balmy Saturday morning. Typical northern Thailand weather. At around 9:00 A.M. I met up with my climbing assistant at the base of the mountain, suited up, and together we walked a few yards towards the jagged rock wall. My coach stayed on the ground, holding a rope attached to me. As I went up, he shouted Read More


How to get the most out of your counselors: thumbnail

How to get the most out of your counselors:

  Advisors for me, are some of the most influential people. They have so much knowledge and past experience that they want to share with students. When you meet with your counselor, here are a few questions that’s I suggest asking them to ensure that you are getting the most out of your time meeting Read More


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Reasons to do an Internship

A couple of years ago I was determining whether or not I should do an internship. I asked myself “What are the benefits?”, “the internship will take up so much time, how will I fit it into my schedule?” After weighing the pros and cons, over the past few years I have done a few Read More


Fitting physical activity into your busy schedule thumbnail

Fitting physical activity into your busy schedule

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a difficult thing to do, especially when people start throwing around the phrase, “freshman 15”. Speaking from personal experience, my week is packed with activities, including multiple classes, jobs, internship and other community activities; it is hard to even think about exercising. However, with time management and a little bit Read More


Becoming a freelance writer is a fairly recent decision for me. When I was in my junior I considered freelance writing a little bit, but I thought that I would have to be fairly experienced before considering it. When I jumped into creating a business, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I have a Read More


SUNY Mascot Madness 2015!

Hey there my fellow Rammies, Guess what is right around the corner?! No, I’m not talking about spring, although that is around the corner too. I’m talking about March Madness and in our case, Mascot Madness! This year the voting is set to begin on Monday March 16th. Yes, I know that is the beginning Read More


Your pegged Procrastination meter

Your pegged Procrastination meter, it ends now

Tips to succeeding in College

Hey y’all, This time I am giving you some helpful tips and reminders that can help you succeed during this semester and beyond. Here’s the first 5 that I recommend: Plan Ahead If you have some extra free time, start the projects or papers that aren’t due for a few weeks. Getting some of it Read More


Studying In Other Countries

Studying in different countries has given me a wide perspective of what “studying” means in different cultures. I lived in South Africa for a year, partaking in a leadership course. During this year, I learned a lot about the South African way of studying. They do not mix studying and free time, at all. When Read More


Black and Blue…or white and gold.

So, the dress. I’m sure EVERYONE, and their extended families know about the dress and can’t come to the conclusion about what color is the dress exactly? Here’s how this whole fiasco started. The other day, my parents opened up a new business called Ground Floor Co-Working in my hometown of New Rochelle, up in Read More