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First week home!

First week home! Oh man, it feels so nice to be home with my family! I actually surprised my family and came home two days earlier than they expected, and they were thrilled! I have still been pretty jet-lagged because of the time difference, but it feels great to sleep in my own bed.   Read More

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Last of London

I truly cannot believe that my time here in London is over. When I first arrived it felt as though I had so much time to do all that I wanted to do, and the next thing I know is I am already packing my bags! Studying abroad has truly been one of the most Read More


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Last week in London….seriously?!

This week is my last week in London, I can’t believe it! Where has time gone?! There are moments that I feel like a local and other times where I feel as though everything is still fresh and new. This upcoming week I have a lot of finals and work to be handed in which Read More


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Belgium and Luxembourg

This weekend I went to Belgium and a small country right next to it called Luxembourg. We took a 6 hour bus to Belgium from London, and got to take the underground tunnel from England to France which takes 35 minutes. After arriving to Belgium we walked to our hostel and headed straight for the Read More


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Went to Ireland this weekend! I flew into Shannon Airport where a couple of friends from home rented a car and picked me up! We drove over and hour through the countryside to the Cliffs of Moher. When I first arrived in Ireland, the weather wasn’t the greatest, in fact, it was rather cloudy and Read More


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Inside Scoop of BSTC!

Hey all, I’ve been so busy (in a good way) this semester so I finally have a chance to post about my amazing experience on campus. This semester, I joined an amazing club- Backstage Theatre Company. This club puts on performances for the students on campus as well as the public. We performed the musical Read More


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Those Rainy City Days!

Well, here we are – the last week of school. Can you believe that we are here again? Is it not amazing how fast each semester goes by? I want to apologize for having such a huge gap between postings. It has been a rough couple of weeks and I have not had the time Read More


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Ladies Respectively Innovating’s Fall Events

Hey There! First of all, I must apologize for not writing to you all sooner. Life as a college student can sometimes be very fast-paced and I lost track of time. I have so much to tell you, however, there’s too much to fit it all into one posting. So for today, I am going Read More


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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is so far my favorite trip of the semester! We had a early morning flight and arrived to Budapest that afternoon. It was easy to get from the airport to our accommodation. Once we were settled in, we were quite tired but decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood. On our walk, we Read More


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This week in London!

This week in London, I had some of my first assignments due. Since they don’t do tests every few weeks like in America, they have 1-2 major assignments throughout the semester. My first assignment was for my Brand Management class. Instead of handing your papers directly to professors, you hand them into the Universities Undergraduate Read More